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How to maintain your wellness as a bartender during silly season

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Red bulls for energy; a few shots to keep the vibe and finally a burger meal to end the night. Sound familiar? If so, then you are stuck in some unhealthy habits and it’s time to change your evil ways. Here are some quick tips for staying healthy on shift.

  1. Drink more water – sounds easy but we always forget. Keep a bottle filled up in a familiar space behind the stick – that way you will be able to keep track of how much you’re drinking.
  2. Stretch before your shift – a little yoga and meditation is great to get you in the zone
  3. Before your shift, try interacting with nature to relax your mind and inspire your soul – like a walk on the beach or a cycle around your local park
  4. Eat a healthy ‘light’ cooked meal before you go to work – try not to eat full meals at on shift. It may seem like the right thing to do – loading up on fuel – but filling yourself too much can make you lethargic and want to head for bed rather than exerting your best efforts behind the stick.
  5. Take a few light snacks to work for energy – like hummus with pita bread or a trail mix (mix your own nuts, seeds and raisins)
  6. Take a daily vitamin for a little help if you’re unable to have a completely balanced diet
  7. Drink less alcohol on shift – or even better – don’t drink at all.
  8. An unorganized bar makes you stress, stress is not good on your body or mind so make sure you plan ahead, ensure your bar is prepped for the duration of your shift.
  9. Smile more, it works more muscles in your face and helps pay the rent!
  10. Don’t take yourself too seriously – enjoy yourself; have a great time and remember you’re changing minds not saving lives
  11. Don’t let Denzel Heath feed you banana martinis the whole night!

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