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12 Must-visit International Bar Shows

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With so many amazing bar shows happening throughout the year globally, how do you actually decide which ones to go to? We combine fun with networking and training into the below list of 12 must-visit international bar shows.


Tales Of The Cocktail

Tale of the Cocktail building entrance with attendees

This premier, festive cocktail show takes place every year around July in the colorful NewOrleans, with over 300 events taking place in just 6 days.

The week-long event consists of a variety of top-notch bar industry educational seminars (hosts are selected by an international panel of judges), networking events and tastings.

Attendees of the festival include majority trade bartenders, however, it’s not exclusive of bar guest attendees. Since the who’s who of the bar industry attend this festival, it is the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with industry greats, and really extend your networks.

What’s great about this show, is that you are able to create your own experience, in selecting the seminars that appeal to, and will benefit you. You’ll need to purchase individual seminar tickets and if you buy more than $150 worth, you’ll get free entrance into tasting rooms and additional events.

Business aside, there are mind-blowing parties designed for just for us bartenders to let loose in front of the bar for a change!



Bar Convent Berlin, affectionately dubbed as BCB, takes place annually around October. This 2-day trade fair expects a whopping estimated 12,000 visitors this year – the majority being German and European trade, but definitely not limited to.

Many international trade bartenders attend the event, making it of the leading international bar shows. With over 1000 brands and exhibitors, there is certainly no shortage of opportunity to experience new products, network and expand your knowledge within the industry.

Tickets to the event cost 45 Euro per person for a 1-day ticket, and 65 Euro for the full 2-day event. No tickets are sold at the event itself, so make sure you purchase yours online in the BCB Ticket shop.

Attendance at the seminars and tastings are first-come, first-serve basis – so punctuality is highly recommended.


London Cocktail Week

Black and red London Cocktail Week logo

The London Cocktail Week is dubbed the largest cocktail festival in the world, taking placeannually around October. The festival has officially gone digital now, so by purchasing your Digital Pass online (10 Pounds), you’ll then have access to unlimited cocktails throughout the week; discounts in various events, bar and restaurants, and tickets to the cocktail village.

All the participating venues are listed here, so you can roughly plan your week (You may stumble a few doors down by mistake so prepared to be flexible!)

Being a trade member will qualify you for a discount, so take advantage. An impressive 25,000 visitors attend this cocktail week so best get your pass ASAP!


Tales on Tour

Tales on Tour is as its name suggests – Tales of the Cocktail touring the globe. They’ve consistently ventured across America and will now be going into Europe for the first time this year. The 5-day event will be taking place in Scotland and will consist of educational seminars with cocktail touring across the Scottish horizon at night.

All-inclusive tickets cost around $329 and this gains you entrance to all seminars (you will need to RSVP to other events to ensure you are allocated a spot)

Keep an eye out for tickets for future Tale on Tour tickets as they sell out quite quickly.


Athens Bar Show

The Athens Bar Show is not limited to bartenders but also targets all bar professionals – whether you’re a bar manager, hotel managers or distributors. This 2-day event happens annually around November (So if you’re keen, book your tickets now). You can pre-purchase a 2-day ticket for 30 Euro or get one at the door for 40 Euro.

Around 8,000 visitors attend this awesome event, consisting of bar solutions, hundreds of product tastings and the latest industry trends and techniques.

For non-English presentations, headphones are available to don’t worry if your Greek isn’t quite up to scratch!



Imbibe Live bartenders throwing balloons

Imbibe Live takes place around July annually and is an extensive, action-packed 2-day trade exhibition across all alcohol categories.

This one is also a big one (Europe’s largest trade exhibition) with around 12,000 visitors.

It also follows the general programme of bar shows – fantastic educational seminars (both business and drink orientated), tastings (including a splendid bounty of new product launches) and of course discovering the latest trends within the industry.

The beauty of this exhibition is that it really does cover all aspects of the industry from equipment to food and of course, drinks products.

If you’re looking to network, learn more about the industry or hone your knowledge or skills on certain topics and network with fellow professionals – this is the place to be.


Singapore Cocktail Week

Singapore Cocktail festival takes place around May every year for 11 days (this is split into the actual event, as well as events around the city). It’s aimed at both bartenders and cocktail lovers.

The event includes cocktails tastings and introductory classes as well as masterclasses and food pairing workshops. Expect to see celebrity guest bartenders as well.

You’ll also get to see 45 of the best drink spots on the city with a cocktail passport. Tickets start at $28.


Perfect Serve Bar Show

This annual bar show happens in Amsterdam takes place around the end of May. It’s definitely the place to be to keep up with drinks trends and catch up with industry mates. If you register as a partner, you can take advantage of the discounts.


Portland Cocktail Week

Portland Cocktail Week is an educational program for bartenders who are looking to take the next step in their career. Over 300 students will be accepted into the program and, of those, a small percentage will be given a scholarship that covers their accommodation. What’s so fantastic is that you can choose 3 out of the 6 available majors:

  1. Bartending and Hospitality
  2. Bar Ownership and Management
  3. Science and Technology
  4. Consulting
  5. Zero Waste
  6. Event Management

If you’d prefer, you can also just sign up for a festival pass. That will get you into all events and classes on a first come, first serve basis.


Camp Runamok

Imagine spending a summer camp with 300 bartenders in Kentucky, US! It is as it sounds. Take a look for yourself. This insane event is sponsored by a handful of whiskey distilleries includes a week of visiting these distilleries and learning how to distill the all American favorite spirit.

But in addition to the educational aspect, there is plenty of typical American camp activities like dance parties, cocktail competitions, and bikini contests.
Over 1000 applicants apply to attend this awesome camp, so if you’ve been one of the lucky 300 to attend – let us know what your experience was like. The camp is run by Portland Cocktail week.



Venuez takes place in Antwerp, Belgium and this 3-day event looks at both Belgium and international trends with leading bartenders and entrepreneurs in hospitality. You’ll be exposed to all trends and topics relating to food, drink, and design.

So if you’re an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry, this event is for you. Take a look at what to expect.


SA Cocktail Week

2 Bacardi bartenders behind a bar at SA cocktail week

This annual week-long showcases some of our amazing cocktail culture and community(Yes we’re biased!). What’s great about this event is that you’ll get to experience different bars and their signature cocktails (which will be on a 50% discount with your event wristband).

There’s drink tastings, activities, networking and even competitions with great prizes. Take a look.

If you’ve attended any of the above, or are looking for more bar shows to attend, visit this link.



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