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A Bacardi Legacy cocktail, Superhero is born, by Marco Corallo

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Where Superhero cocktail originated

Marco Coral with banana

I remember it as if it was yesterday. A hot summer day in the south-east coast of

Italy. Partly for fun and partly because I was in need of a wage, I asked a very good friend of mine if he would need some help at his bar. The idea was to save money as a summer job. No fancy tools or big spirit list.

8 years passed since my first shift behind the bar, when tiki drinks were in their prime, and Bacardi rum was flowing with Pina Coladas and Banana Daiquiris being the favourite choice! I left university and worked behind a bar for three things: ladies, a love of creating drinks and the smile of my customers. Despite the first two being very tempting, what really made me fall in love with the industry was giving people an experience and receiving big smiles back!

I believe that the foundation of hospitality is giving people a heart-warming experience.

Hospitality is giving but can be much more too – it could mean giving back!

From this understanding, Superhero was born.

What is Superhero cocktail?

#superherococktailIn short, Superhero will be a means of the hospitality industry giving back to people in need and the world we live in. It is the name of a cocktail that we serve at Hendricks Bar at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, and then dedicate part of the revenue generated to their chosen, local charity.

Superhero will be made using sustainable product too; 45% of the global food production is wasted and Superhero will use black bananas and sweet pineapple puree as the two main ingredients of the cocktail (both are foods that would be seen as not appealing when not perfectly appearing, even though they still retain great flavor and are very much edible).

We hope one day it could be served on a Global Scale and sustainable ingredients could be localized to the market (e.g. mango in south/southeast Asia or papaya in the tropical Americas), just as long as they are making an active effort towards decreasing food wastage.

Bartending is my passion, my life but this entire project goes beyond us bartenders. Every level of the hospitality industry could be involved. It takes a very small step to start to change and we hope one day our Superhero project could help!

Author Bio

Marco Corallo is Bar Manager of Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. He is the national winner of the Bacardi Legacy 2017. In the few months, he will travel across 3 continents to advocate the Superhero project among some of the best bars in the world.

A Bacardi Legacy cocktail, Superhero is born
Article Name
A Bacardi Legacy cocktail, Superhero is born
Marco Corallo, national winner of the Bacardi Legacy 2017 in Dubai, gives his story of how the Superhero cocktail was born.
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Spirit Merchant Trading Company
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