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Must-Have Cocktail Books For The Modern Bartender

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14 Top Cocktail Books To Refine Your Skills


Wondering how to improve your skills as a bartender, but procrastinating on when to start – or where for that matter?

We’re all about continuously improving ourselves and our knowledge of the trade. And since one of the best and most obvious ways to do this is to read, we thought we’d share a list of must-have cocktail books with you.

Start saving, create a bartender bookclub…do what you can to get your hands on these bad boys.

1.      Flavour Bible

As liquid chefs, we need to understand how ingredients are combined to bring out their best attributes. The Flavour Bible gives the basics of how to work efficiently with ingredients and flavor combinations.

$22 on Amazon.

2.      The Science of Booze

Establish your basics with this book. Learn all about the production of Alcohol from a scientist. This is a great help towards impressing your guests while conjuring up their drinks. Order on Amazon for $7.

3.      Liquid Intelligence

Another great scientific book on modern cocktails techniques, by Dave Arnold. It includes great modern equipment, for example, the use of the ISI for rapid infusions and carbonations.

$22 on Amazon.

4.    The Curious Bartender

Tristan Stephenson writes all about the classics and some contemporary twists on them. What’s great is that it includes all the equipment and ingredients you need as well.

$18 on Amazon

5.    The Drunken Botanist

Just as its name states, this is all about getting to the roots of our drinks. The book covers the science and chemistry of more than 150 plants, Fruits, flowers and trees. And as a bonus – theres plenty of cocktail recipes included too. An enthusiastic cocktail designer should know where his foundations lie in order to build correctly.

$18 on Amazon.

6.    Smugglers Cove

We all have an affinity for Tiki…and what better a way to celebrate this mystical Polynesian culture of Drinks, than by reading Martin Cate’s tribute. Jump on the bandwagon of Tiki Renaissance and take advantage of some fantastic recipes as well as getting a grip on Rum.

$21 on Amazon.

7.    Regarding Cocktail

Sasha Petraske is the creator of the ever famous Milk & Honey in London (and previously NYC). This is a great gift for inspiration.

$21 on Amazon.

8.      Setting The Table

Danny Meyer talks about “enlightened hospitality” – an innovative philosophy that emphasizes putting the power of hospitality to work in a new and counterintuitive way. The first and most important application of hospitality is to the people who work for you, and then, in descending order of priority, to the guests, the community, the suppliers, and the investors.

$22 on Amazon.

9.    IMBIBE!

Dave Wondrich, fondly known as the ‘godfather of the history of cocktails’, gives an ode to drinks unforgettable cocktails from the greats of the trade.

Since this book contains never before published details on Jerry Wondrich, the book is definitely worth a read if you’re keen on learning trade history and useful facts for intruding your patrons with.

$9 on Amazon.

10.      Punch

Another fantastic one by legend Dave Wondrich. Punch gives a celebratory historic journey of the punch bowl, including recipes and techniques. If you enjoy cocktail history, then this one is for you.

$21 on Amazon.

11.      Vintage Spirits And Forgotten Cocktails

Exactly as the book’s name reads, Ted Haig revives 80 cocktails from forgotten corners of the world, together with illustrations – some that have never before been published.

$16 on Amazon.

12.      Potions Of The Caribbean

Jeff Burry showcases 77 vintage Caribbean drink recipes, along with their recipes, illustrations, vintage pics and stories about the people involved in the drinks.

$30 on Amazon.

13.      Meehan’s Bartender Manual

This is a new release from Jim Meehan (October 2017), and is as Amazon puts it “the first book to explain the ins and outs of the modern bar industry.”

It comes highly recommended in the industry, with specific mention of the schematics of the floor plans and bar design of The Dead Rabbit. Definitely worth a purchase.

$26 on Amazon.

14.      Where Bartenders Drink

Who better to ask when looking for bars around the world, than top bartenders themselves. Adrienne Stillman combines 750 recommendations in the book, from expert bartenders, including reviews, as well as commissioned maps, making your travel plans really easy to execute.

$21 on Amazon.

Get in touch and let us know your thoughts or opinions on the above books.

Stay tuned for our list of Must-Have Spirits Books For The Modern Bartender.

Must-Have Cocktail Books For The Modern Bartender
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Must-Have Cocktail Books For The Modern Bartender
Wondering how to improve your skills as a bartender, but procrastinating on when and where to start? Here's our list of 14 must-have books.
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