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Personal Space and Balance in the Bar Industry by Rudolf De Vos

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Personal Space and Balance in the Bar Industry


Right first and foremost, this is based off and written from my own personal dilemmas and strains I face within being a full-time bartender, meaning I literally work from 3 in the afternoon till 2 in the mornings every Tuesday till Saturday, same shifts every week.

Mundane and monotonous, I know right but try to be strong, it’s rewarding.

Tips to consider for maintaining balance

Rudolf De Vos and fellow bartender behind barHere are things to keep in mind and try conquer within oneself,

  1. The reality of having a standardized life ‘timeline’ is a big rock in the road, make sure you try and alter your future self within the perimeters you are given, take days off for yourself and make sure you spend time away from your bar, it’s naturally healthy.
  2. Holding strong relationships with friends and family members outside of the bar industry, tough when you have limited time to spend with everyone in your life, make good decisions.
  3. Brings me to spending your time away from shift should be used wisely, the example given: get home after a workday at 3 in the am, till when you have to leave home at 14:30 in the midday, gives you exactly 11 hrs to here with LIVE YOUR LIFE!
    • House chores, duties outside of the home, exercise, relations with people, feeding oneself, SLEEP! All of the above.
    • Now, where is the time to focus on personal space and mental wellbeing?

These are but minor issues but can affect the mental powers of any person so drastically.

This can make people feel annoyed with work because of constant reminder and thought of work, no diversion in personal life causes a lot of harm which reflects on your career.

Personal tranquillity and space is well needed. Know when to shut your eyes and when to be alone, to look back and fully rest and recover, instead of after work drinks and chats at home till 5 in the a.m. rest! You’ve got a life to live tomorrow before work

Then the most important thing that ties all this together is dealing with two different lives, and personalities/personas, knowing how to cope with the switchover from yourself to work-self within this tiny timeframe given to you between life and shift is the most vital!

Being headstrong is the most challenging thing we can face, but everyone is equipped with the right tools to keep heads high, its just how we use these tools that make us stick to the sanity we have.

Rudi De Vos, A small town boy taking on the cocktail industry in the big city of Cape Town, currently at The House Of Machines. 2017 reached the top 6 national finals in world class, that year I also worked with Travis Kuhn as we ran the Polynesian Pearl Diver and that was a very successful experience for myself and to giving tiki culture to Cape Town’s summertime.



Personal Space and Balance in the Bar Industry by Rudolf De Vos
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Personal Space and Balance in the Bar Industry by Rudolf De Vos
It's a difficult ongonig issue that bartenders face - carving out personal time and space. Here is Rudi De Vos' personal outlook and tips on the challenge.
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